On Tue, 6/9/15, 11:06 AM, She <> wrote:

Bodies taut and tumbled
Clothes mangled in the day
Oh what a sight we were, dear
For tourists on the bay

On Tue, 6/9/15, 11:09 AM, He <> wrote:

So drenched we were in water
Just fiery hot like toast
Now must you run along, dear
The boss might rump your roast

On Tue, 6/9/15, 11:11 AM, She <> wrote:

If only eyes could see us
If ears could hear as well
We’d rumple wrinkly socks off
Let’s write a kiss and tell

On Tue, 6/9/15, 11:42 AM, He <> wrote:

That’s all my time for now dear
My schedule’s got a bloat
Don’t call me back again here
I’ll toss you in the moat

If people heard you talking
Those red flags they would say
She might be lost without him?
Or fifty shades of cray!



Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thanks. I’m glad you liked the collage. It’s only a small portion of the actual compilation, but there was too much in it, so I took a snapshot. Do come back soon. x

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I will join you with the bacon fan. I think it’s an awesome idea. Hold the toast for me, but I’ll have eggs with a helping of cream cheese


Ok, we have diet coke, coke, diet fanta, fanta, died 7-up, 7up, water, or if you have no taste buds at all, ‘coffee’ in a styrofoam cup, this is also the fluid that we call tea, they are both the same..

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Now there is a thought.. Nah, its a dog eared paperback and has the intrinsic value of a house fly.. But it is a good read, I would rate it as good if not better than Catch 22.. I will probably wake up at 4:00 am and remember the name..

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