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One of the best things about having friends who run a patisserie is that when you walk in with a certain face they know exactly what you need to have. I had a “you need a chocolate and hazelnut parfait with strawberries in it” face.

I’d never had gelato there before so it was a marvel they called it correctly. Chef hid behind a column to announce he’d had no time to make macarons. Of course, I had a mini wail (sorry, Lola, no video) and then I decided to replace the hazelnut with pistachio.

Those chocolate truffles, though. Palm rolled. Parfait.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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lol, that looks appetizing. I’ve had a gelato before but not one quite like this, and I have to agree with them chocolate truffles hahaha

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We like your “Prude” collage, it gets over, as does the rest of your site. You’re clearly a talent with drive, and an accessible point of view. So our thanks, Sabiscuit, for your recent, and humbling, interest. You have ours also.

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Yeah, baby, yeah. You should have been there when the chef tried to remove the glass. Before I’d finished extract every bit of that jelly. Wailing.


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