Gift me Heaven (Fleurs de Sade)


I’m standing in a crater, boyo
Feel like reading it before
wine skins bookmark my Bible
like conversations with my soul

Our world must have been
spinning out of control
Inner ground shifts
evolving patches of earth

We become addicted to the stillness:
Thoughtful searching for John Lennon
makes me want to booze
I think Jesus was like that

His Lordship has been
kind of amazing to watch
We misunderstood your Master Map, boyo
Cover that heart of you, young boy
Master, lord, master, boyo, master

God morphs in our beautiful retail therapy caves
Dirt happens when you’re making plans
We shall need awe and a little of
that attitude with the grapes, Master Vintner

Sex in the bottle answered those same questions
so we don’t have to deal with them truthfully
Kindred spirits knocked at the wrong sunrise
Breathe fear
Submit reply
unless of course, there’s no audio

Image updated 2020/08/24: Angels by Luigi Boccardo via Unsplash


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25 replies on “Gift me Heaven (Fleurs de Sade)”

Creatively intense Sab! I love this, I truly do. I’m sure I missing some things in it but that is the beauty of poetry, it will call you back under different lights to find it as a humanist lol. xoxoxo

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Thanks. Found poetry is exciting. There was a large volume of thoughts to sift through. There are a few of these in my archives. I’m sure you caught all the meanings.


Thanks for reading. There is mega subtext and I used Wordle or tagxedo for the emblem. I loaded the poem into the interface and viola. It was critical to get the right symbol to rule them all. I’m glad they already had one.

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Idolatry and addiction are the same thing. The forms just change. Human condition. It reminded me some of Leonard Cohen.

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Thank you so much for seeing that so clearly, PG. I wondered if anyone would see that starkly against the whirling dervish of sycophantic praise. A lot of people call it “love” and I see it too often, individuals confusing a free and uplifting offering of self with blind devotion to an inner fantasy life that leaves them limping and in chains.

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I know you a little bit. 🙂 But the writing was clear and though it was deep one might see to the bottom if they look.

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