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Pecs Bowen tagged me to answer the Questionnaire for Imagineers and I agreed to do it even though I’m an uptight control freak. I can’t imagine what will happen after I post this, and that terrifies me. Christe, eléison.

(☄ฺ◣д◢)☄   ::::::  (ʘ言ʘ╬)

1. If you wanted to name yourself again, what would you call yourself?
Savannah Westmore, after two parishes in my home country. Or the more androgynous Pritchard Douglass.

2. If there is one, what would be the last line of your biography?
“She was always going to do whatever she felt like.”

3. Would you kiss a complete stranger in the rain or an old friend on the shore?
A complete stranger in the rain, under an umbrella. Wait… Does “in falling snow at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day in a crowd of thousands” count towards this? The clocktower bells were clanging and it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

4. If you had to choose two famous/historical figures to have coffee, who would they be?
Kublai Khan and Attila, just to see how they’d react to my hair, right now.

5. If you could pack your bags, leave all behind and be forgotten for a year, where would you go?
Iceland. It’s a remote island with a small population, plenty of book stores, spas outdoors and nature that’s still unspoiled (but not for long if GE has their way).

6. People with a particular talent that you don’t have and wish you did?
I would feel really happy if I could play the piano well and enjoy it. I would be a concert pianist, since I would practice compulsively and want to do nothing else.

7. One thing that always fascinated you and you know it always will?
Marc Jacobs’ kilts. He looks great in them.

8. If God exists and you had to give Him one piece of advice, what would it be?
{Null set}

9. What is the sexiest place you can imagine to do it on?
Floor to ceiling window glass of a 28th floor hotel suite, which has a panoramic view of the grounds of a certain palace. I thought the tinted glass was one way, but I realised the next morning, walking back from Tully’s, that if the living room and hallway lights are on… Right. Et cetera.

10. If you had only one hour to live before the world comes to an end, how would you spend it?
I’ll comfort the people dearest to me and in silent prayer, send requests ahead for the afterlife. In a different star system.

11. If you could go back in time and meet yourself for an hour, which year would you go to and how would you spend the time?
September, 2000. I would say, “Say yes. He is a great travel companion and conversationalist with refined manners. He will give you all of your space. He’s also aged well. And … this is the formula for the 100% Pure super fruits moisturiser I’m using. Make. Patent. Sell. When you finally tie the knot, you’re going to live in Fort Lauderdale. Which is perfect because there’s this huge outlet mall … ”

12. If you had to destroy yourself, how would you do it?
Bare my soul to someone and have that person respond with the frozen, smelly cod fish thwack of indifference.



Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Oops on the tinted glass. 😀 I’m sure onlookers found it to be entertaining. As far as males being civilized, well, I think what separates us from other apes is that we can wear a suit and sometimes can figure out how to use the TV remote.

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Thank you, Rob. I’m sure lots of civilised men are out there. And since I don’t watch telly they can do whatever they like to the remote. Also you’ve never tried to watch a film with me. I can do that, listen to music loudly, read and cook. Channel hopping is not even an offence.

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Nice selection! I love the Alien series, and liked Prometheus. I’m a Trekkie, so all things Star Trek are good.

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It’s great to meet you. Star Trek is like a club that unifies us all in the ‘hood. I hope you’re having fun. I see you survived your date without team V Publica. Live long and prosper. x

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The pleasure is mine. 🙂 I don’t have Spock ears, but I do know what the Kobayashi Maru is. 😀 I did survive, thank you. But in the context of V Publica, assistance from 7 of 9 would have been most welcome. 🙂

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Hey, 7 of 9 is mine. I picked her first, right here on this blog, a few weeks ago. A reader and I were warring over who gets who. But since she’s part of the team, technically, you can have access to her curvy highness, since you’re a friend. x

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Technically, I announced my undying love for her last June. But since we’re friends, sharing works. 🙂

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Thank you for reading, NK. I use 100% pure products (including their water foundation, which I don’t need anymore) and a friend in New Jersey makes my other skin care products. My skin is extra sensitive so I am almost unable to use anything that’s not organic or vegetarian.

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Oh, I know. Truly, I do. Whenever people compliment me on anything I’m always sort of standing outside of it, shaking my head in critical disbelief, thinking: “Really?!?”

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I will always think you’re awesome so you don’t have to believe me, but I’m calling default setting. By the way, did you two rip each other’s clothes off after that passionate on air off air exchange? (Bites nails) xo

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Sweetie, darling. I can see that in the way you have expressed yourself. You need to tear someone’s clothes off. And have them want you the next day. Toe curling love action. For goodness sake.

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Hello. No, I haven’t spoken about number 11. That’s a long post. It’s one of those things that accidentally worked out. I realised that I was just always in the moment and not expecting anything. He was also very cultivated and he respected me. That’s why it worked. The only thing I was required to do was enjoy his company.

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Thanks so much for dropping by to read my answers to the challenge. I realised that the only thing that could truly destroy my soul is offering it to someone who doesn’t care. x


I don’t know. It’s just that it was a big culture shock. I really appreciated my lifestyle back home when I moved. It’s a completely different scale of expectations. I mean, people just make assumptions about developing countries. I mean, it was fantastic.

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I’m sure it was a culture shock for you. I think moving to any country would do that. And it’s not only people making assumptions but just in general like the media and sterotypes. Do you regret moving ?

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I can’t even answer that question. I don’t regret any of my non romantic experiences. The lack of satisfaction where that was concerned caused me to try and become more independent emotionally.

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If you had to bare your soul to someone how would you do it, and respond with how they respond to you doing it, which is natural I suppose. Worse, possibly than the, ” Frozen, smelly cod fish thwack of indifference” is them not even noticing you’ve done it, so unabsorbed are they by your conversation. I enjoyed your answers to the questions which are both honest and humorous, so well done you 🙂

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Thank you so much, Peter. I am very straightforward so my soul baring is quite to the point. Heart, meet platter. I usually wait a decent interval for a response but when a completely unrelated response comes, the thwack is hard to take. Oh, Lord, troubles so hard. Although, I hae been accused of not responding appropriately to soul baring. That was a much needed lesson in paying attention.

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