Guinness: Reach for Greatness (Original)

Tomorrow, I’ll publish a post based on this Guinness commercial. The original is fantastic and I thought you should see it first before reading my version of it. This content does not belong to me and this video is posted temporarily for context only. Thank you for viewing.

60 second ad for Guinness, for the Caribbean.
By Asterix 1759 via YouTube.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Very cool! Love Guinness and have enjoyed it in Ireland, England, the U.S. and in Grenada, West Indies when I was on a Humanitarian Mission with the AF. The motto on the adverts was “Let Guinness Work For You”… The satire flowed, trust me! Especially as we saw the local construction standards 😞

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That is impressive. Thank you so much for sharing this. That’s why I wanted to do satire. In a way, I’m glad Guinness sponsored spoken word poetry through this commercial, but often these best efforts turn into something else when we see what’s real.

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It can be difficult putting yourself out there, I know. But you’ve been doing just that on a daily basis for a good little while now, and you’ve done splendidly. No reason to think it won’t be the same for this project. Now. Deep breath. Big smile. Enter stage right…

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I’m glad you share my views about the original. My satirical twisty version is going to be terrible and sarcastic and terrible but I felt I had to show this first. x


Wow! Now that is some awesome Spoken Word poetry. It is great to see a company promoting Spoke Word this way. And hey, what better company than Guinness, one of my favorite drinks! Kudos! I look forward to what you come up with regarding this video!

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Thank you for watching it. I feel the same way about this company sponsoring artists in this way. Unfortunately, my post will be satirical and not inspirational at all.

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