fashion poetry


She is fighting the glamour wars
during office hours in cropped pants
of size… six?
You’d better take notes
and get in the mix

She is delighted to spread
in fashionless sense
with plumped up pride
what a skirt should hide

I think Mrs West is my icon and I’m, like, you know, following her on Instagram. I liked, you know, all of her posts yesterday. She wears see through tights with jackets. Now everyone is doing it. So I wanna be, like, the first person to, like, wear all capri pant suits. Just suits! I want that one and that one and that one…

OMG did you see the Queen of Spain
whose canary capris were a faux pas in vain
for Trendi bought them in bale and
that mane

Minutes after noon, she’ll toss
her meal in the trash
then dab some gloss
to soothe a lip rash
caused by (vitamin) deficiency
but not to worry
Facebook is telling me,
these capsules heal effectively

Haughtily she swipes past
sucking all your energy
pretending to have a blast
There goes Trendi
on a Pepsi Cola fast


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

24 replies on “Trendi”

I love the satirical notes! (It’s kind of obvious, with my blog URL.)

I like how you used the Queen’s style to mock people who mimic/criticize/gossip about celebrities extensively. It’s a refreshing take from articles like “OMG! Ariana Grande fashion FAIL” or “Mayor’s style goes to the dogs!”

You really have the right voice for poetry like this. I especially loved the part where you mimicked people talking about the Queen.

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Thank you so much for this. It was difficult to get this point across to some readers as they saw the humour but not the dripping sarcasm I used to go with it. It is a sad fact that people in the spotlight will hurt themselves and that others will blindly follow suit, whether it suits them or not. Thank you again for adding to this. x

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Thank you for this comment. It wasn’t about the Queen of Spain, but about someone mimicking her style. I realise the photo was confusing and took it down. I need a new visual but I can’t be bothered sketching one. I’m working on it. x

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Queen Letizia looks fantastic. I’m sure she has a small team dedicated to helping her with that. That yellow capri pant was a rare misstep. Our bodies are beautiful as long as we look after them in the healthiest possible way.

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Your memory is awesome. It’s the same person. It’s not criticism of fashion choices. The idea that everyone else who dresses for their body comfort and budget is “the loser” because we are not on trend with an item fashion critics panned as being unwearable is 50 shades of cray. The yellow outfit made the news because it was inappropriate for the occasion.

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