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Endless Quest

On a much lighter note, this post is about the endless quest for alien life. It started when I read the poem A man’s heart and told The Hallucinating Angel, Nidhi, I wanted someone to feel this about me:

She makes my heart pound with just a blink
And leaves me in this state of pique
She has become the centre of my universe
And I shall keep revolving around her for eternity to come.

Excerpted from A man’s heart on Hallucinations of an Angel.

Nidhi suggested we create lists and publish them on our blogs. “Breathing” was my first item, but that was not good enough, so we talked about the details. You can see her handwritten list at Hallucinations of an Angel.

I was talking to a friend last evening and we joked that I should call this “the search for aliens.” Because who can take me except for Martians?

I managed to fill a page with my unreadable scrawl. Don’t read it… Look at the stickers.

Endless Quest


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you! I got the stickers from some lovely girls and had no idea what to do with them until this project. I’m also relieved and happy you like my handwriting. x


I like butter, as I’m not strictly a vegetarian, but I use the many alternatives. Also, “vegetarians” would definitely eat veggies and not only potato chips and rice crackers. x


Nice. I’d love to see some. I’m working on a project with a celiac food blogger and I asked her to do something with meat and without meat in it so everyone can enjoy. Watch out for it and I hope you can share your healthful dishes, soon. x


Good luck with your search!

I just heard a few days ago somebody telling that the governments of the world is covering up the existence of aliens 🙂

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OMG, they’ve got him somewhere. I’ll ask Lilibeth to find him. That was a good one. Although, the Governments of the world are run by aliens so that explains the gobbledegook they pour out into documents, et cetera. I wouldn’t be surprised if their supreme leader were the Flying Spaghetti Monster itself. x

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Or maybe, our world leaders are actually aiens that were exiled from their planets because of their imcompetence… and the flying speghetti monster is their pet, but witb more intelligence than them 🙂

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