Essential Michael Bolton


Michael Bolton is squealing.
Gonna take some time, love…woo hooooo, woo hoo, hoo hoo! (I counted)
Everything was sadder than it seemed, you know, ’cause…
It was love and I thought my world was over.
Michael was right, the hurt won’t last forever.
I shook off those sad blues.
Now, your world is going to be over, honey.
Your luck’s gonna change.
The hurt will last forever.
And baby, just remember this:
I needed some tenderness.
Not that cold chicken broth you threw on my passionate flame.
But it’s cool because I won the Champions League and now?
It’s raining men.
(That is a different effing song.)


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I… wanted to do an in-depth comment, but I have no idea what this is, other than that it’s poetic and probably song lyrics, so…


xo Cat

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It’s just vile! And thank you for liking it. I had a fun time listening to the song and being embarrassed and actually enjoying MB. Just had to advertise my shame.

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I haven’t heard him in years! You killed it at the end though. I thought it was over until I noticed that final verse. That’s what made it official. Nice work!

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Thank you so much. It’s very sweet of you. It seems that I’m being recognised by my fellow bloggers and I’m ecstatic about that. This is my third nomination in a week. However, I’ve been giving them all away and I would like to pass mine to Jennifer Barrile. She’s a fantastic teacher and artist. Love, SB. Her blog: Please send her my regards!

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