Illustration by Nadia Monsengo, a Netherlands based graphic designer.
Please visit her blog at African Artista. Her work is stunning. Thank you, Nadia.


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Ok, I’m not good when it comes to art…..The hidden face because she’s a mystery and chooses to stay that way, The wide mouth because she has opinions and doesn’t hold them back? Correct me if I’m wrong, I stopped loking at art around the Impressionist era.

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You’re funny. I hope she catches this question when she comes over to read questions. I would be very interested in hearing her answer. I hope you’re having a good day.

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Unreal how much contour and character in a set of painted lips. Her mind, heart, and spirit embodied there. Really something, this piece. And, Netherlands. I had a Netherlander visitor today, ironically. This world is just expanding all around us! XO

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The world is expanding and I am really happy for that. Isn’t that painting just surreal? I fell in love at first sight and asked her to please let me publish it here. I am so glad she agreed. She is a lovely person. Thanks so much for your support, RAS.

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