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Blogger wins war against Free Speech

Blogger wins war against free speech
By Demon Barbra Politrix
Last updated: March 24, 2015

At an awards ceremony in New York last night, WordPress blogger Manco Pride was announced as the winner of the 2015 Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism for his essay: I don’t get it: I hate poetry, art and one subject only blogs and you should unfollow them.

Book burning ceremony in honour of Pride’s achievement.

This is great news. Pride’s complaints about blogs with poetry, art and colourful backgrounds started the debate over whether bloggers should in fact publish whatever they like on their blogs. Manco’s “I don’t get it” essay raised questions about the intelligence of artists, poets, fiction writers, people who don’t speak English, whiney bitches and lonely girls who can’t stop blogging about how much their lives suck.

His essay started the Free Speech Apocalypse. Also, it is fair to say, his work gravely damaged the reputation of artists, poets and free thinkers around the world. This comes after the Social Research Unit at the University of Deadbeats manipulated data in order to exaggerate the reach of the blogger’s opinions.

Black macarons. Courtesy Guardian UK.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that “double standards is the name of the international human rights game” and that we all have to suck it up or Manco will get upset. China, Russia, Mongolia, and North Korea are defiant. They have called out the United Nations for allowing art and literature to be destroyed at the whim of a miserable blogging dictator.

Black chocolate and marshmallow cookies. Courtesy Poires au Chocolat.
Bjork eats squid ink pasta. Courtesy viaTumblr.

Artists, poets and writers worldwide were happy to sabotage their careers to make Pride feel like the smartest dude on WordPress.

Oxford University, founded in 872, has announced that it will close after 1143 years because Pride doesn’t “get” why academics write essays. Before closing, the university will assist the UK National Archives and erase from historical record, poets such as W. B. Yeats, and William Wordsworth. Philosophers and aristocrats not featured in e-sports will also be erased.

Starbucks wants Manco to keep buying their coffee, so the company is changing the green mermaid logo to black. The company’s 70 million customers will only be served milk, water, vanilla macarons, black cookies and black sesame paste on a plain piece of white bread.

Image courtesy Harley Vasquez on Google + Elephants march off to warmer climates for winter. They have escaped the global backlash thanks to their grey colour.

Raf Simons, head designer at Christian Dior, said Manco’s revolutionary stand made him a “champion for limited expression and intellectual laziness, both of which make the work of designing so easy because we only need to wrap models in sheets.”

Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour has said she will never again publish an edition of Vogue without Manco’s approval. The last three editions featured 200 blank pages. Wintour reportedly supported Manco’s opinions by removing all the words. She has said she “desperately” wants him to like her.

A model wears a creation from Marko Mitanovski.

The Bastiat Prize is a heavy-hitting award by the free-market International Politics Network, given for both print and online journalism. Judges in previous years have included the Nobel Prize Winners James Buchanan, Milton Friedman, and Margaret Thatcher.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

20 replies on “Blogger wins war against Free Speech”

Thank you, and please do not be intimidated by these types of bloggers. I followed some logic to the furthest conclusion. Negative appraisals of other people’s choices for their blogs mean nothing. I love colour and variety. Thank you for your support.

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Nice post!

It’s ok to have your own opinion about what types of blogs you like or don’t like. However, it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to mock those blogs that you didn’t like in a condescending way. Sadly, I’ve seen many blogs in WP that do just that.

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Sadly, I only just saw one with a list blogs you shouldn’t follow. Most of the readers were sucking up to the author because they were “guilty” and so was he, by the way, but did that stop him from compiling such a vile list? This to me is what bigotry is all about. He is a miserable and lost soul. I have never seen a single post celebrating the joy of life. I just had to do something in case people decided to stop adding colour to their templates because of him. The mocking is really the last resort of Glampions. Based on Envy.

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Doing stupid things just to “belong” is very pathetic. I honestly haven’t remembered myself to have stooped that low even during my adolescent years…

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Most people haven’t but this is a different age, and we are scared of not being liked and do dumb things like suck up to a guy who hates you. I laughed my head off writing that thing and I want readers to see what it will be like if we let mediocre people continue to rule over us.

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