Mars poetry

Chase the Sun

And we run
Though flesh indeed
no kindred bore
your noblest steeds
rode spots on your
ground; we’re lured
to catch the light

Who’ll race the day?

And far away
from base we lay
When free
we’ll see
Sól’s radiant band
on ridge, on land

Nor dread
we work
we wait steadfast
that path you tread
then home at last

White brilliance seize

as the hours turn
Go now pets, run
and chase the sun

☼ ☀ ☼ ☀ ☼ ☀

Chase the Sun | SB

Based on my short story Sól Hundar (Solar Hounds), which was published on February 5, 2015. 


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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