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Age of Copper x Şençevik

Melek Z Şençevik
Melek Z Şençevik, owner, Handstamped Art, Turkey via Etsy

This year starts the Age of Copper, says Melek Z Şençevik, artist, designer and curator based in Turkey. I wholeheartedly agree, as I’m mesmerised by copper’s rustic aesthetic. Melek sells handmade accessories at Handstamped Art. I’ve been following her work on Etsy for over a year now. She’s enthusiastically agreed to let me add her handcrafted mastery as a practical accent to Earth’s fictional catalog.

Her design sense is mainly primitive and historical. Her designs are organic, handmade and one-of-a-kind. Melek graduated design school in Istanbul and started this business because, in her own words:

I’m from Earth, but I like to think I’m really from Venus. Ever since I’ve known myself, I started drawing and painting people around me. Art and music are my first loves. When I create a design, time stops and I’m together with my dear angels. Through colours, stones and other materials, I can see another world just beyond this one. I hear nature’s harmonious song in my ear. Sometimes the song weaves its way into my designs. I simply let them appear. In the past, we had the Stone Age and the Iron Age. In 2015, I would like to start the Age of Copper. Organic and natural, I’m a dreamer.

Melek works with raw stones, gemstones, organic beads, crystals, pearls, raw copper, 925 and 999 silver and genuine leather. For the time being, until they’re sold, a few of my favourites:

The Snow Queen ring in aquamarine and silver.

Seven copper bangles.

Organic earrings with baltic raw amber, kyanite, sea urchin,
black coral, african terrakotta, mali clay, shell, indian cow bone.

Moon Light earrings in citrine crystal, swarovski crystal elements and copper.

Gold chalcopyrite and pyrite copper cuff bracelet with raw stone.

Talisman necklace in raw stones, copper and natural hemp.

Medicine Bag in genuine fur and leather and decorated with
neolithic stones, oley limpet shells, virgineus fossil shell,
trade beads, turquoise and copper.

Thank you, Melek, and thank you for viewing. Please pay Melek’s Etsy shop a visit and buy everything. You may also follow her on Twitter: @venusplanet2010.


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there’s something about hand-made jewelry that makes it much preferable to purchase for that special person. I had a friend bring me back some Berber silver for my wife, and it’s still one of our favorites.

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Thank you so much for appreciating. Melek is an angel and she puts so much energy into her work. Most of my accessories are handmade, too. I love Berber jewellery, and can’t get enough of the visual high.


Good question. I do not like Etsy because it is a war zone. The stealing and copying are rampant. May I suggest that she posts them for sale on her social networking sites? Not tumblr. Adding her portfolio picasaweb or Flickr account will give her wider visibility, too. After that, she should do lots of face to face socialising and promotion via a gallery and a physical exhibition. Then ask a gallery to post her work for sale online. Use their visibility and start already. When it’s time to go on her own, she’ll have a cushion of support.


SaBiscuit….I loved this post too!! Loved gemstones and the designs are rustic and unique. Finally Scorpion King has his fill of lice that he richly deserves…*muark muark & Garfield Hugs for delightfully funny reads.

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Yay!!! I’m so glad you liked Melek. She is so lovely. I have been admiring her work over the past year. I hope you will find a really high paying job soon, so you can buy all of the accessories in her shop!!! xxxxxxxx Thanks so much for the reblog. You are precious.

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