Iceland x Chiara

Original drawing, “Iceland” from World Map mural by Chiara Carlotta.

Happiness! I am immensely grateful to the talented Chiara Carlotta, an art student from The Netherlands. Many thanks. Chiara has a large drawing of a world map on her bedroom wall. She has been filling in all the countries with a felt tipped pen, with this beautiful design.

I asked her, when I first saw her completed rendition of Australia in early December, 2014, to please start Iceland sooner, as I had just finished a script set in that country. Her design was the perfect accent to the antique, tribal theme underlying the story. She was kind enough to work on it. I know it took a lot of time, effort and patience to do. She completed Iceland on Monday night, and with her permission, I’m posting her beautiful work here, so you can enjoy it too.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Hi Sabiscuit, Sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy lately. Yes I did like the drawing of Iceland, very much styled but still recognizable. I am surprised how famous Iceland is to you. Usually foreigners don’t know much about Iceland 🙂 Best regards Finnur

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Thank you, Finnur. I am very happy you liked it. I don’t know why I like mysterious countries that most people don’t know much about. It’s the curiosity gene, I guess. Best regards to you, too, and thank you for your support.


Hello Chiara. I’m happy your exams went well. Thanks again for your wonderful drawing. It’s perfect for my story. I enjoy your drawings and I am looking forward to a completed China.


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