Earth Her Dark Arts

Section One: Ancient Past

January 7 ‐ January 20

Events move backwards and forwards on a timeline in the ancient past. Read fictional scripts set in the Ancient Past in one continuous set. Comments on some posts have been turned off. These are intended to be read only. Thank you for your patience. Please have a look at the preface or teaser for an idea of what’s in store for the overall project. I appreciate your attention.

Update January 16 |+|
It has been nine days and I thank you for the warm support you’ve given so far to this installation. If you’ve landed here from somewhere, you can all previous art projects and fiction scripts in one continuous thread.


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This looks like an interesting blog. I love the copper jewelery, especially the earrings. I’m into antiques and these creations have an old aura about them. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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